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Acoustic Foam

  • Acoustic Foam Pyramid Tiles

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    Acoustic Foam Pyramid Tiles

    Product introduction: Acoustic foam pyramid tiles was originally designed to reduce reverberation within recording studio environments, however, it will improve the acoustics within any space that suffers from poor acoustics. This product is made with professional grade acoustic foam. Acoustic... Read More

  • Acoustic Wedge Studio Foam

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    Acoustic Wedge Studio Foam

    Product Introduction: Acoustic wedge studio foam is made with sound absorbing polyurethane foam, which means soundproofing a room or recording studio in order to absorb low frequency noise, like bass, is easy and affordable. Acoustic wedge studio foam Parameters: Acoustic Data: * NRC = noise... Read More

  • Acoustic Corner Foam

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    Acoustic Corner Foam

    Product Introduction: Acoustic corner foam is made with sound absorbing polyurethane foam.It can absorb a lot of sound so you will not only get the perfect acoustical treatment, but you won’t disturb the neighbors either. When you’re looking at soundproofing a recording studio or listening... Read More

  • Recording Studio Bass Traps

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    Recording Studio Bass Traps

    Product Introduction: Recording studio bass traps are made with polyurethane foam,there is noise pollution, reverberating sound and echo. Recording studio bass traps are a sound absorption material that is specifically designed to eliminate errant noise and reduce echo. When you’re looking at... Read More

  • Soundproof Bass Trap

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    Soundproof Bass Trap

    Product introduction: Soundproof bass trap is manufactured from polyurethane foam that has a flammability rating of Grade B2. Soundproof bass trap allows you keep a room quiet and absorb a lot of sound so you can not only get the perfect acoustical treatment, but you won’t disturb the neighbors... Read More

  • Corner Acoustic Foam

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    Corner Acoustic Foam

    Product introduction: The Corner acoustic foam made with sound absorbing polyurethane foam,it is light weight and can be free standing or mounted to a variety of surfaces. No special tools or materials are needed. Corner acoustic foam Parameter: Acoustic Data: Remark: A S/U = average sabins / unit Read More

  • Corner Studio Foam

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    Corner Studio Foam

    Product introduction: The Corner Studio Foam made with high quality polyurethane foam.this acoustic treatment allows you to keep a room quiet from floor to ceiling and corner to corner for the best acoustical treatment around. You can use Corner Studio Foam to add to the peace of mind that you... Read More

  • Sponge Sound Proof Foam

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    Sponge Sound Proof Foam

    sponge sound proof foam also call acoustic PU foam,pyramid foam is one of Pu soundproof foam ,one side of the pyramid-shaped sound-absorbing sponge material handling equipment through a unique formation. After a complex soundproofing foam formation, cab be the noise, sound-absorbing, reducing... Read More

  • Echo Eliminator Foam

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    Echo Eliminator Foam

    echo eliminator foam is an an-echoic acoustic foam ideal for especially demanding testing rooms and chambers. The deep plaid pattern diminishes sound energy and is especially effective for situations where low-frequency acoustic issues are present.Widly used in recording studios, recording... Read More

  • Noise Abosorber

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    Noise Abosorber

    noise abosorber isd make from PU foam ,cuting in by unique machine to form a triangle pattern .this noise absorber main install in wall corner to absorp the low frequency,and noise in the air. Detail Information: Product:noise absorber Brand Name:vinco Material:polyurethane Density:25-60kgs/m3... Read More

  • Wave acoustic foam

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    Wave acoustic foam

    Wave acoustic foam is one of pattern of acoustic foam use in studio,home theater to absorp sound .It main in size 1000*2000*30mm,color there are black,white,red,blue,purple and so on.The other foam pattern there are wedge ,pyramid,plain,grid,square and so on. *good sound absorption performance... Read More

  • Echo Control Foam

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    Echo Control Foam

    Echo control foam is make from PU foam,is the best echo contrl material use in studio,recording,school,reading room ao on. Echo contrl in different parttens,there are pyramid,wedge,plain,flat,eggcrate... Features : Many kinds of thickness is available : 20mm, 30mm,50mm,100mm can be customized... Read More

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