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Acoustic Foam

  • Wave acoustic foam

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    Wave acoustic foam

    Wave acoustic foam is one of pattern of acoustic foam use in studio,home theater to absorp sound .It main in size 1000*2000*30mm,color there are black,white,red,blue,purple and so on.The other foam pattern there are wedge ,pyramid,plain,grid,square and so on. *good sound absorption performance... Read More

  • Echo Control Foam

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    Echo Control Foam

    Echo control foam is make from PU foam,is the best echo contrl material use in studio,recording,school,reading room ao on. Echo contrl in different parttens,there are pyramid,wedge,plain,flat,eggcrate... Features : Many kinds of thickness is available : 20mm, 30mm,50mm,100mm can be customized... Read More

  • Studio Soundproofing Foam

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    Studio Soundproofing Foam

    Studio Soundproofing Foam Studio Soundproofing Foam is a sheet of sound absorbing foam,usually used for studio wall noise reduce.Its basic material is polyurethane. Parameter: Construction Steps: 1. Fix wooden keel on the wall; 2. Fill with polyester fiber cotton; 3. Cover with sound insulation... Read More

  • Studio Foam

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    Studio Foam

    Studio Foam Studio Foam is a kind of sound absorbing material made from polyurethane,which is soft and has many holes so that can absorb much noise. Parameter: Construction Ways: 1. Glue on the wall and the back of studio foam and put it on the wall closely. 2. Use nails to fix the studio foam... Read More

  • Anechoic Wedge Tiles

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    Anechoic Wedge Tiles

    Anechoic wedge tiles is make from polyurethane foam ,standard size is 500*500*50mm. other size and thickness can be customized.it has features of sound absorption,well design shape,eco-friendly,colors are Blue, Red, White, Black, Yellow and Grey color. Different color is available. shape:Saw... Read More

  • Pyramid Style Acoustic Foam

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    Pyramid Style Acoustic Foam

    pyramid style acoustic foam is the most popular pattern of foam use in meeting room,studio,recording,home theater.It make from the high density polyurthane foam,openn cell structure help to absorb sound. it color,and size are available to priduce. the other pattern there are... Read More

  • Pyramidal Absorber

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    Pyramidal Absorber

    pyramidal absorber is make from polyurethane foam,through machine cutting to form a pyramid shape,is a very popular absorption material use in studio,recording,theater. Usage: Residence, studio room,home theater,schools, church,environmental protection, automotive, Marine, architectural... Read More

  • Black Wave Sponge Panel

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    Black Wave Sponge Panel

    black wave sponge panel,is a egg crate shape acoustic foam panel in beautiful shape and good acoustic properties,widely use in conference room, studio, theaters and other occasions, interior decoration, as well as room silencers Read More

  • Decorative Wall Foam Tile

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    Decorative Wall Foam Tile

    decorative wall foam tile make from high density polyurethane foam, has good sound absorption performance,soft and durable,secondary use,well appearnce.widely used in recording studios, recording studios, audio-visual room, audio-visual room, a drum room Detail Information: Material:Polyurethane... Read More

  • Echo Control Ceiling Foam Panel

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    Echo Control Ceiling Foam Panel

    echo control ceiling foam panel make from open cell polyurthane foam,with good soundproof,noise absorption features,fire retardant and ecofriendly .widely use in studio,recording,meeting room,musric hall,workshop and so on. Details: Material:open cell polyurthane foam Density:15-45kg/m2... Read More

  • Polyurethane Foam Roll

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    Polyurethane Foam Roll

    polyurethane foam roll also named polyurthane sponge,eco-friendly.no smell,tasteless,environmental healthy,cutting by the unique machine and form a different shape like egg crate,wedge,pyraid ,plaid,grid ,triangle foam and so on.is the ideal interior sound insulation/sound absorbing,audio... Read More

  • Black Triangle Acoustic Foam

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    Black Triangle Acoustic Foam

    Product introduction: The Black triangle acoustic foam made with sound absorbing polyurethane foam. Black triangle acoustic foam is one of the most effective and affordable methods for minimizing reverberation, echo and other noise debris. Black triangle acoustic foam Parameter: Black triangle... Read More

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