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Acoustic Foam

  • Black Egg Crate Foam

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    Black Egg Crate Foam

    Product introduction: The Black egg crate foam made with high density sound absorbing polyurethane foam. Black egg crate foam improves sound clarity in an enclosed area by reducing the reverberation of sound waves. Black egg crate foam parameter: Black egg crate foam advantages: 1.Easy of... Read More

  • Acoustic Egg Foam

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    Acoustic Egg Foam

    Product introduction: The Acoustic egg foam made with professional grade acoustic foam. Acoustic egg foam enhances the listening experience and improves recording environments. It is widely used for Auditorium,Recording studio room,Home theater,Professional theater,KTV,etc. Acoustic egg foam... Read More

  • Studio Acoustic Boards, High Density Sound Absorber Polyurthane Foam

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    Studio Acoustic Boards, High Density Sound Absorber Polyurthane Foam

    Product description: Use polyurethane foam as materials, after special treatment by equipment to the formation of concave and convex side of the wave shape, formed by the complex process of silencing foam, sound absorption, sound insulation, shock absorption foam material Product specification:... Read More

  • Soundproofing Foam Bass Trap Foam Panel

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    Soundproofing Foam Bass Trap Foam Panel

    soundproofing foam bass trap foam panel that a acoustic foam be installed on the room corner ,absorbing the low frequency noise sound ,the frequency can be between 125-4000Hz. this panel is a low cost methods to deal with noise ,used the pyramid foam ,wedge foam,egg crate foam together ,create a... Read More

  • Soundproof Egg Crate Foam

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    Soundproof Egg Crate Foam

    soundproof egg crate foam absorbing the frequency 12Hz-4000Hz ,this panel is a soundproof foam panel,it could absorbing 80%-90% noise sound ,but it is not say 100% soundproof . soundproof egg crete foam absorbing the echos ,and improve the sound quality . The soundproof egg crate foam... Read More

  • Sound Absorber Foam Panel Decorative Wall

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    Sound Absorber Foam Panel Decorative Wall

    in order to create a studio room and keep the sound quality ,people will consider how to deal with the sound echos ,noise and frequency .how to chose a best product to deal with this qusetion . vinco company supply a sound absorber foam panel that can decorative on the wall or ceiling ,absorbing... Read More

  • Acoustic Studio Pyramid Foam

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    Acoustic Studio Pyramid Foam

    The acoustic panel type of acoustic studio pyramid foam used to absorb mid to high frequencies and to control and trap echoes. Create a great listening or recording environment with the best value noise reduction products. acoustic studio pyramid foam is a low cost solution to get better... Read More

  • Soundproof Sponge Acoustic Panel For Studio

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    Soundproof Sponge Acoustic Panel For Studio

    soundproof sponge acoustic panel that used PU foam as raw materials ,provides sound control on wall or ceiling ,this products absorbing the noise ,especially soundproof sponge acoustic foam can control the echo or reduce excess eflections and reverberation Improves Vocal Clarity. The soundproof... Read More

  • Sound Isolation Foam Panel

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    Sound Isolation Foam Panel

    sound isolation foam panel is a great solution for spot treating sound studios, home listening rooms, iso booths and more.This product provides Helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation Improves. you can improve the sound quality after install this sound isolation... Read More

  • Studio Soundproof Foam Panel Wall

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    Studio Soundproof Foam Panel Wall

    studio soundproof foam panel wall that say a soundproof foam decorative the wall , our studio soundproof foam panel as the pu foam as the raw materials ,the studio soundproof foam panel deal with the low frequency sounds . The studio soundproof foam panel information :... Read More

  • Soundproof Pyramid Foam Panel

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    Soundproof Pyramid Foam Panel

    soundproof pyramid foam panel is one of acoustic foam panel ,there are many different density and thickness for your reference .the most populay specification is 12" * 12 " * 2" or 12" *12" * 1",it is total 36 piece as a full set . we manuafctured 12kg/m3 to 45kg/m3... Read More

  • Sound Wedge Insulation Foam

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    Sound Wedge Insulation Foam

    sound wedge insulation foam that a popular acoustic foam panel ,sound wedge insulation foam can absorbing the noise ,becuase there are many holes on the foam panel surface ,the sounds through the holes ,that is the reason why the sound wedge insulation foam can reduce noise . The sound wedge... Read More

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