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Acoustic Panels

  • perforated wooden acoustic panels

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    perforated wooden acoustic panels

    Production Description: perforated wooden acoustic panel introduced the advanced production equipment, according to the principle of acoustics design and has good sound absorption effect, make the reverberation time reach home of the acoustical design standard, make the sound more clear, smooth,... Read More

  • polyester fabric for acoustic panels

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    polyester fabric for acoustic panels

    ‍ ‍ polyester fabric for acoustic panels made by 100% polyester fiber material ,the surface of pinstripe embossing is pressed after heat technology and reach a verity of different embossing pattern. A dvantages: 1. Inorganic fiber spraying is a simple structure, convenient to construction, is a... Read More

  • hot stamping polyester fiber acoustic panel

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    hot stamping polyester fiber acoustic panel

    Basic Info ‍ ‍ The hot stamping acoustic polyester fiber panel is a model sound absorption decoration material ,On the surface of sound-absorbing board printed on a single color decorative pattern, different decorative pattern can be printed on. ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ Product detail: ‍ ‍ ‍ F eature: A. easy to... Read More

  • type of fabric for acoustic panel

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    type of fabric for acoustic panel

    Basic Info Product Description type of fabric for acoustic panel has the best air flow block and sound absoption performance, Which can instead of abio-fiber acoustic products like fiberglass. It creates a more healthy, safer and environmental space for us. A. Adhesive We can provide fabric... Read More

  • Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

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    Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

    Our Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel is made of 100% polyester fiber after hot-pressed to cotton shape. We use different hot-pressed to reach different density and to make sure its ventilation, and so it becomes excellent sound-absorbing and sounproofing product. The shape and the figure can... Read More

  • Fabric Acoustic Panel Wall Panel For Good Sound Absorption

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    Fabric Acoustic Panel Wall Panel For Good Sound Absorption

    Product Description Material: fireproof acoustic cotton inside with anti-fire fabric or leather ouside packed Specification: 600*600/600*1200mm (other size needs to be customized) Color: different kinds of colors are available Fire retardant: Class B1 Density: 96kg/m3 Installation: with airgun... Read More

  • Wood Wool Ceiling Acoustic Panel

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    Wood Wool Ceiling Acoustic Panel

    Wood Wool Ceiling Acoustic Panel made from 65% natural polar wood fiber and special anti-corrosive, prevent tide bond content mixed die after degreasing, fumigation, mine after the suppression and 35% of Portland cement. It's widely used in stadium, GYM, theater,cinema, meeting rooms,... Read More

  • Acoustical Hanging Ceiling Panel

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    Acoustical Hanging Ceiling Panel

    Acoustical hanging ceiling panel introduction: The acoustical hanging ceiling panel is made with high density glass wool(96kg/m3),which fire resistant in garde A,and acoustic fireproof fabric on surface,then,the aluminum as frame. It has high performance on sound absorbing,fireproof and... Read More

  • Acoustical Haning Panel

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    Acoustical Haning Panel

    Acoustical Haning Panel Introduction: The acoustical hanging panel is made from high density 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool and suspension hardware. The glass wool is encapsulated with micromesh and the edges are resin treated to retain the minute fibres. For an attractive appearance,... Read More

  • Customized Sound Baffles

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    Customized Sound Baffles

    Customized Sound Baffles Introduction: The Customized sound baffles could offer excellent sound absorption characteristics in a number of smart architectural finishes. These attributes enable it to be utilized in virtually any interior environment requiring noise control. Each could consists of... Read More

  • Polyester fiber board with  grid embossing

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    Polyester fiber board with grid embossing

    Polyester fiber board with grid embossing is an ideal decorative material, with environmental protection, flame retardant, insulation, moisture, mildew, easy to dust, easy to cut, easy to parquet, construction, cost, excellent features, a variety of different patterns and colors . T he theory of... Read More

  • interior beautiful acoustic polyester panel

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    interior beautiful acoustic polyester panel

    interior decorative acoustic polyester panel is manufactured by 100% high density polyester fiber through high technology , to achieve the diversity of density,become a high quality product of the sound absorption and sound insulation material , on the surface of the polyester fiber panel... Read More

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