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Interior Polyester Fiber Acoustic wadding

Basic Info Model NO.: V-9 Acoustic Panel Type: Polyester Acoustic wadding Colors: Black, Grey and White 44 Kinds of Colors Density: 1.3 Kg/M2 or Customized Thickness: 9mm or 12 mm, or Customized Base Materials: high quality Polyester Fiber Packaging: Plastic Bag+Carton Eco-Friendly: E1 Edge:...

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Interior Polyester Fiber Acoustic wadding

Interior Polyester Fiber Acoustic wadding

Interior Polyester Fiber Acoustic wadding use 100% polyester material, It is a new type of sound absorbing material with variety of permebility and density , Made in hot-pressing and fusion with Cocoon cotton shape  

It is environmental product,can be secondly used and Installation is simple and convenient construction


Product nameInterior Polyester Fiber Acoustic wadding
Material100% polyester fiber
Size4x8 feet per sheet4x4'/2x8'
Model NoV-9
NRC(Noise reduce coefficient)0.8-0.90.85-0.98
Fire RetardantGrade B1Grade B2
Density1.3kg/m2 1kg/m2  1.8kg/m2
Place of OriginGuangdong,China(Mainland)
Grade E1,can achieve Grade E0
Remark:The size and thickness can be customized


1. Non-irritating ,no off-smell, elastic ,impact resisitance

2. It has a good decorative effect, and more than 40 kinds of colors

3. Environmental performance

4. Flame retardant in line with the national level GB50222-95B1

5. Installation is simple and easy to cut

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