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Activity Partition

  • Soundproof Folding Partition Walls

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    Soundproof Folding Partition Walls

    soundproof folding partition walls that a new acoustic partition ,it can be move ,folding or sliding to any place in any time .there is not a track on the floor ,we only hang a track on the ceiling,and then partition can be move. we used a high density soundproof glass wool panel as the insited... Read More

  • Soundproof Fodable Partition Panel

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    Soundproof Fodable Partition Panel

    The soundproof fodable partition panel inofrmation : Height : can be customzied panels width : 800-1200mm panels thickness : 65mm/80mm/100mm panels weight : 25kg/m2(for 65mm),27kg/m2 (for 80mm) ,35kg/m2 (for 100mm) panels finish : acoustic fabric ,acoustic leather ,melanime veneer ,polyester... Read More

  • Acoustic Operable Wall Partitions

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    Acoustic Operable Wall Partitions

    acoustic operable wall partitions re a series of individually operated panels along a track system designed for maximum space planning flexibility. They can be arranged quickly, easily and efficiently. The acoustic panel operable walls inofrmation : Height : can be customzied panels width :... Read More

  • Acoustic Panel Operable Walls

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    Acoustic Panel Operable Walls

    acoustic panel operable walls is a soundproof panel that it can move to any place .it is a high panel that install from ceiling to floor .operable wall hangs on the ceiling ,because a Slide track be fixed on the ceiling ,there is a pulley on the panel , so that the operable walls can be freely... Read More

  • Art Gallery Movable Wall

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    Art Gallery Movable Wall

    Product introduction: The Art gallery movable wall is a perfect product for space saving and soundproof,it is made with high quality glass wool boar,MDF board,Aluminum and other environmental acoustic materials. The Art gallery widely used for Resturant,Hotel,Class room,Meeting room,and other... Read More

  • Movable Partition Walls On Wheels

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    Movable Partition Walls On Wheels

    Product introduction: The movable partition walls on wheels made with glass wool board,MDF and other environmental acoustic materials. We have many finish materials for your choosing,many colors are available. It widely used for Restaurant,Hotel,office,Banquet,class room and which need space... Read More

  • Interior Folding Wall Systems

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    Interior Folding Wall Systems

    Product introduction: The interior folding wall systems are widely used for Banquet,Restaurant,Hotel and the place which need to reduce echo, increase privacy, cut back background noise. Interior folding wall systems parameter: Interior folding wall systems advantages: 1.Fireproof and... Read More

  • Sliding Door Partition Walls

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    Sliding Door Partition Walls

    Product Introduction: The sliding door partition walls made with MDF,glass wool.Aluminum,the surface material:Fabric,Leather,Melamine and Fabric acoustic panel. If you want seperated a large space to several small spaces,the sliding door partition walls is the best choice. Sliding door partition... Read More

  • Folding Wall Partitions Systems

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    Folding Wall Partitions Systems

    Product Introduction: The Folding wall partitions systems are widely used for Restaurant,Hotels,Office, and or any space were you need acoustic improvement but require a movable partition. It can devide a large space to several small spaces,create a visually and acoustically private space.... Read More

  • Soundproof Sliding Door

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    Soundproof Sliding Door

    Product introduction: Our soundproof sliding door can achieve a quiet, calm environment in commercial or residential environments. It is perfect for Conference room, Restaurants, Office,Hotels and or any space were you need acoustic improvement but require a movable partition. Soundproof sliding... Read More

  • Acoustic Wall Partitions

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    Acoustic Wall Partitions

    Product introduction: The acoustic wall partition made with MDF board,glass wool and other high quality acoustic materials. It can help you create quiet, custom spaces that give you the flexibility to your space. Acoustic wall partition Parameter: Acoustic Wall Partition Advantages: 1.... Read More

  • Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels

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    Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels

    How to find a suitable soundproof materials ,there many kinds models of acoustic foam panels ,the common model should be pyramid foam ,wedge foam ,bass traps foam and eggshell foam ,of course ,other models can be cut as customer requrement. one of hot sale acoustic panel type of pyramid acoustic... Read More

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