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Damping Material

  • Rubber Sound Insulation Floor Mat

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    Rubber Sound Insulation Floor Mat

    Rubber sound insulation floor mat designed for high quality sound isolation and impact niose control for floor .it is a waterproof ,fire rated and sound insulation mat,widely used for gym room under the machines. The Rubber sound insulation floor mat information : Products raw materials : Rubber... Read More

  • Polyethylene Foam Sheets

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    Polyethylene Foam Sheets

    Product introduction: Polyethylene foam sheets are with features of shock absorption and soundproof.It is used to block unwanted noise and reduce sound transmission without reducing space. The Polyethylene foam sheets usually used for Floor,Ceiling and walls. Polyethylene foam sheets Parameter:... Read More

  • Mlv Coated Fabric

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    Mlv Coated Fabric

    Product introduction: MLV coated fabric is a really perfect product for soundproof and noise reduce,it made with PVC rubber which can be used for soundproofing walls, doors, ceilings, ducts and pipes. MLV coated fabric Parameter: MLV coated fabric Advantages: 1.With high density to educe noise... Read More

  • Soundproof Mlv Barrier

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    Soundproof Mlv Barrier

    Product introduction: Soundproof mlv barrier made with PVC which is used to reduce noise transmission through ceilings, walls, floors, machinery enclosures, ductwork. Soundproof mlv barrier Parameter: Soundproof mlv barrier Advantages: 1.We have it in stock,so,we can delivery this goods very... Read More

  • Sound Deadening Floor Mat

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    Sound Deadening Floor Mat

    Product introduction: Sound deadening floor mat is a soundproof material which used to block unwanted noise and reduce sound transmission without reducing space. It made with PVC,rubber,and other acoustic materials,all the materials are environmental. Sound deadening floor mat Parameter: Sound... Read More

  • Soundproof Pvc Floor Mat

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    Soundproof Pvc Floor Mat

    Product introduction: The Soundproof PVC floor mat made with PVC,rubber,Fe,and other acoustic materials which have high performance on sound insulation,soundproof and fireproof. Soundproof PVC floor mat parameter: Soundproof PVC floor mat Advantages: 1.Low price with high quality,all the... Read More

  • Pvc Wood Flooring

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    Pvc Wood Flooring

    pvc wood flooring is make from PVC sheet,rubber acoustic mat ,has features of soundproof,anti-impact,waterproof,anti-slip,etc.widely used in schools, training centers, kindergartens etc education place,and hospitals,etc occasions,as well as the Shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment... Read More

  • Floating Floor Covering

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    Floating Floor Covering

    Floating floor covering is a mat make from XPE foam,it 5mm thickness ,is a cheap floor acoustic mat very popular use in residantial area,buiding,hotel,theater etc. Has features of soundproof,shockproof,moisture proof ,heat insulation ,eco-friendly,durable and so on.. Advantage: 1.good Sound... Read More

  • Large Outdoor Rubber Mats

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    Large Outdoor Rubber Mats

    VInco ruber mat has widely use in indoor and outdoor place,it make from EPDM,ruber,foam ,is a durable and Eco-frinedly floor mat use in sport area,school,training room,play ground,gym ,etc Has good performance of soundproof,noise reduct,anti-impact.Vinco mat on crash also with a particularly... Read More

  • Underlayment For Floating Flooring

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    Underlayment For Floating Flooring

    Vinco green three layer floor mat is new floor insulation material,is a underlayment for floating flooring. It make from recycle Pu foam,XPE,and EPDM.Is a very soundproof material for floor with features of soundproof,shockproof,moisture proof ,heat insulation,durable . Read More

  • Soundproof Deaden Floor Mats

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    Soundproof Deaden Floor Mats

    soundproof deaden floor mats is a Composite acoustic panel make from high density XPE material. it is three layer material with soundproof ,shockproof and sound vibration performance for studio,theater ,Meeting Room, machine case ,engine room etc. Advantage: shock acoustic panel . anti shock and... Read More

  • Gym Rubber Floor Rolls

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    Gym Rubber Floor Rolls

    Product introduction: Gym rubber floor rolls made with rubber granules mixed with rubber foam pu,it is an environmentally responsible solution for sound control. Gym rubber floor rolls Parameter: Gym rubber floor rolls Application: Multi-family Housing, High Rises, Hotels, Condos, Single Family... Read More

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