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Advantages of Installing Wood Wool Acoustic Panel in the building

Wood Wool Sound-absorbing Board Advantages:

1. Strong structure

The structure is strong, elastic and shock-resistant. It can withstand the repeated impact of basketball, football and volleyball in the gym without cracks and breakage.

2. Moisture proof

15mm panels are available in 85% humidity, including open air and swimming pools, except where direct contact with water.

3. Energy saving insulation

Since it is mainly processed from wood, its thermal conductivity is as low as 0.07, which has strong thermal insulation properties. Durable, long service life, can be customized according to requirement.

4. Durable

The silky texture on the surface gives a primitive rough feeling and satisfies the modern concept of returning to nature. The surface can be painted and sprayed on the decorative surface for up to six times.

5. Strong decoration

The color is varied, we offer kinds of color for your reference, and the product has a service life of more than 30 years.

6. Beautiful and generous

Complete splicing, good flatness, beautiful colors and environmental protection.

7. Environmental sound absorption

Wood wool  material, woody, the sound absorption is very good.