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Colorful EVA Rubber Foam

EVA rubber foam Introduction

Colorful EVA rubber foam Made with high quality rubber and inimitable technique, with good character of high temperature resistant, aging resistant, ozone resistantinsulation property, fuel oil resistance, lubes resistance. No smell and wear well. High compressibility and low compression set over a wide temperature range, and good acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Apply to -50 ~+200 centigrade protect and heat insulation for long term continuous use and -70~+260 centigrade for intermittent use on all kinds of machine.

1)feature: Light, comfortable, good elasticity, water-proof, shock resistance and skid prevention. Could also offer antistatic insole sheet and EVA high foam adhesive.
2)application: Used for sport shoes insole, toys, beach sandals, slippers, sandals and luggage case, thermal-protection and so on.
3) supply different densities, hardness(the degree from 30 to 80), the different grade meet clients demands.
4) thickness: Customers requires are available
5)colour: Any general colours are available(black, white, gray more cheaper)
6)form/shape: Big sheet, blocks, roll, embossed/textured/designed, or even more smaller like A4 paper size.
7) Also supply different densities, hardness for application of floor mats, sports goods and sandals.