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Factors: while choosing sound-proof materials

1. About density

Density is proportional to the amount of sound insulation. The greater the density, the better its sound insulation. Therefore, the same unit area of the sound insulation material, the greater the density, the better the quality, the better the sound insulation.

2. About elasticity

If the elasticity of soundproofing material is good, the vibration of the hard plate due to sound waves can be alleviated, and the sound insulation effect will be increased.

3. About toughness

A good soundproofing material is not only elastic, but also very tough. When we inspect the sound insulation material, we press the sound insulation material in half and press it hard. The good sound insulation material will not break. The loosened back is the same as the original one, and the surface is flat as new. Inferior soundproof materials may be easily broken, or the surface may be lifted and deformed.

4. About tension

A good soundproofing material, if you don't use tools such as knife and scissors, it is very difficult to tear.