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High Density NBR Heat Insulation Foam Roll for HVAC

 HVAC NBR/PVC Thermal Insulation Foam Description          
 NBR/pvc is a uniquely formed closed cell flexible elastomeric insulation, used to insulate heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigerating (HVAC/R). High quality NBR insulation tube and sheet provides thermal efficiency that reduces undesirable heat gain in chilled water systems, cold water plumbing, and refrigeration lines, air conditioning lines, cooling ductwork and equipments. When properly installed, this product also provides condensation and frost control on cold surface. NBR insulation material also efficiently reduces heat loss for hot water plumbing, liquid heating and dual temperature piping. NBR Self-Seal Tube / Sheet Insulation is also CFC/HCFC free, non-porous, fiber free, dust free and resistant to mold growth. 

  1. closed-cell strcture 

  2. Low and stable thermal conductivity

  3. low water absorption rate

  4. good fireproof and soundproof performance

  5. good aging resistance performance

  6. simple and easy installation