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Noise reduction effect of sound absorption is related to what

We care about our environment is quiet, especially now that the noise in a ubiquitous environment, thus making our environment quiet and how important it is. We also install some noise-absorbing material so as to achieve what we need quiet environment, for example: polyester fiber sound absorbing panels, curtains, flowers or something. Noise reduction effect of sound absorption in the end with what now?

Volume 1, if the room is large, active regions close to the sound source, the direct sound dominated, poor sound absorption effect at this time. The smaller room, voices on the ceilings and walls, reflected many times mixed with the direct sound, reflective sound, sound-absorbing effect is apparent at this time.

2, sound-absorbing materials and sound absorption sound absorption properties of stability, fire protection, durable, nontoxic, moderate price, construction should be easily accessible, without secondary pollution, beautiful and practical.

3, acoustic sound source distance close to the poor, for the location of the sound source distance effect, to outdoor noise reducing effect is also evident.