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Rubber Plastic Thermal Insulation

VINCO rubber insulation board is soft heat-insulating, heat-preservation and energy conservation materials made with advanced technology at home and abroad and advanced full-automatic continuous production line imported from abroad, and through development and improvement by ourselves, using acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber and polyvinyl chloride (NBR, PVC) with best performance as main raw materials and other high quality auxiliary materials through foaming and so on special procedure.

VINCO rubber insulation pipe has high elasticity,and thus can minimize freezing water and hot water pipe in the process of using in vibration and resonance .Meanwhile it has good softness which makes it easy to handle bent and irregular pipe in construction,saving both labor and material.

It is widely used in air conditioners ,steel pipe connecting pipe insulation,protection of sports equipment,in cushions and diving suits, sound insulation/absorption system, and each kind of cold/hot medium piping and containers.

open hole type rubber material can be used in the wall of sound insulation, air duct sound-absorption and the place of entertainment sound-absorption the adornment.And it can be to the impact rand decompression of instruments, equipment