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Insulation Materials

  • Soundproof Glass Wool Panel

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    Soundproof Glass Wool Panel

    soundproof glass wool panel like a partition wall ,this is a good soundproof materials ,compared with polyester fiber ,glass wool is100% fireproof .as itself high density and cheaper price ,glass wool panel absorbing much noise . the standard size : feactures : 1.Fire rating: class A... Read More

  • Water Pipe Insulation

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    Water Pipe Insulation

    water pipe insulation consists of three layers of composite materials, namely: ① sound-absorbing sponge or sound-absorbing felt; ② PVC soft sound insulation materials; ③ three-layer composite aluminum foil. The three materials used by our company's own research and development of modern... Read More

  • Air-condition Noise Reduce Sheet

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    Air-condition Noise Reduce Sheet

    air-condition noise reduce sheet is a noise reduce,heat insulation sheet wildy use to wrap noise pipe,noise machine,etc. Effect:The separation volume Rw is 32dB solid insulation The products can prohibit the sound from block and shaking,and the noise from facilities and pipe and so on. Easily... Read More

  • Pipe Insulation Cloth

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    Pipe Insulation Cloth

    pipe insulation cloth is our company research and development ,use the modern mechanical to one-time compound and fixed width trimming fixed-point slotted, fixed-length cuttiing. Feature: 1.the deadning felt block the noise that transmits through the walls 2.the inner material eggcrate foam is... Read More

  • Duct Lagging

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    Duct Lagging

    Duct lagging is three layers composite material,make from Sound-absorbing sponge and sound-absorbing surface is Alu foil. Widely use in room pipe,building pipe ,industrial duct,machine room,container line and so on. specification: Thickness:25mm size:1000mmx2000mmx25mm.can be customized... Read More

  • Acoustic Pipe Wrap

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    Acoustic Pipe Wrap

    Acoustic Pipe Wrap Acoustic pipe wrap is mixed 90% highly purified metal powder with PVC which is used for pipe noise penetration rate reducing from high frequencies to low frequencies. Parameter: Features: 1. Easy to use,using rope to fasten it closely is enough. 2. Egg foam and PVC felt can be... Read More

  • Acoustic Insulation

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    Acoustic Insulation

    Acoustic Insulation Acoustic insulation is a kind of sound insulation for pipe,made from egg acoustic foam and sound deadening felt. Parameter: Features: 1. Good sound absorbing effect and sound insulation effect. 2. Convenient construction.; 3. Easy usage. Read More

  • Acoustic Lagging

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    Acoustic Lagging

    Acoustic Lagging Acoustic lagging is a kind of roll shape sound insulation material,widely used for pipe wrapping.Basic materials are egg foam and mass loaded vinyl. Parameter: Features: Using egg foam can be sound absorbing,Mass loaded vinyl can be sound insulation. Widely used for pipe,machine... Read More

  • Pipe Sound Insulation

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    Pipe Sound Insulation

    Pipe Sound Insulation Pipe sound insulation is composited with egg sound absorbing foam and mass loaded vinyl for pipe soundproofing.Widely used in Australia.Durable and easy uasge,and can recycle. Parameter: Features: 1. Good sound absorbing and sound insulation; 2. Convenient installation; 3.... Read More

  • Acoustic Pipe

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    Acoustic Pipe

    Acoustic Pipe Acoustic Pipe,usually wrapped around the pipe for sound absorbing,sound insulating and heat resistance.Wave acoustic foam for absorbing noise from the pipe.Mass loaded vinyl for sound insulating.And covered with a layer of aluminum foil on the surface so that can be heat... Read More

  • Pipe Wrap Insulation

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    Pipe Wrap Insulation

    Product Introduction: The pipe wrap insulation made with Wave acoustic foam+deadening felt(Mass loaded vinyl). Pipe noise influent our life,so,many people want to solve this trouble,the pipe wrap insulation can solve this problem.It made by wave acoustic foam and mass loaded vinyl.You can just... Read More

  • Pipe Insulation Rolls

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    Pipe Insulation Rolls

    pipe insulation rolls used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to block the noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or duct as air make of 25mm acoustic wave sponge and 2mm soundproof felt with 0.01mm alu foil surface. Read More

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