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​damping Soundproof Panels Aplication

Jul 12, 2016

damping soundproof panels

At present, the noise has become a major environmental pollution, environmental noise is more and more concern and attention, the State has issued the relevant environmental noise control standards.Selection of quality materials for effective soundproofing, noise control engineering is the most effective solution.

Damping soundproof panels is a three composite material consisting of magnesium  board and damping components. Since the damping soundproof panel thick mass, density, effectively preventing the acoustically transparent, so as to achieve the noise reduction effect, increase the amount of noise.

Damping soundproof panels  super waterproof fire prevention, is suitable for the plant room, air compressor, air conditioning room with the wind and equipment room, transformer room, plant, indoor sound insulation) super acoustic shock absorption, insulation ground shock absorption, condole carries on the sound insulation damping.