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Bar Sound Insulation Treatment

Oct 26, 2018


      A-CLUB Bar is located in the Golden Square at the intersection of Xin'an 4th Road and Baomin  Road in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. The upper floor is a 20-storey residential building with a bar on the first floor and a bar on the stage.

At the beginning of the bar design, a comprehensive design was made using soundproofing materials. Suspended ceiling with ceiling damper, light steel keel, 48kg/50mm glass wool, damped acoustic board, 2mm damped acoustic felt, total ceiling area of 1200 square meters.

The ground uses the 20mm thick floor cushion made by our company, combined with 2mm soundproof mass loaded felt, and poured 4cm thick gravel concrete layer, and then paved with floor tiles, the floor area is 1200 square meters

The wall uses 10 cm thick foam bricks, 2.0 mm damped acoustic felt, 48 kg/50 mm glass wool, gypsum board, and aluminum gusset.

Among them, our company produces 2600 ceiling shock absorbers, 800 wall shock absorbers, 1200 square meters of damping sound insulation board, 2200 square meters of 2mm thick soundproof mass loaded felt, and 1000 square meters of 20mm thick custom Acoustic cushion mat.