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Environmental Polyester Fiber Sound-absorbing Cotton Difference With Rock Wool, Glass Wool

Jul 14, 2016

Rockwool is a mineral melt the inorganic filaments formed Houla Si, commonly used in insulation and sound-absorbing material. Rock wool itself is very small in diameter, it is easy headlong into the skin, but also because it is a mineral, it can not be directly absorbed by the skin, if blocking the capillary is very likely to cause local itching or skin tissue punctate congestion. Glass wool glass fibers belonging to a category, is a man-made mineral fibers. Quartz sand, limestone, dolomite and other natural ore as the main raw material, with some soda, borax and other chemicals into the glass melt. In the molten state, by means of external standard blow thrown into floc fine fibers, fiber, and fiber interchange between, intertwined with each other, showing many of the small gap. This gap can be regarded as void. Thus, glass wool can be regarded as porous materials with good thermal insulation, sound absorption performance.

The environmental sound-absorbing cotton, glass wool and rock wool, compared with a more environmentally friendly, more suitable for indoor applications, especially in the skin will not cause itching or allergic conditions appear.

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