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Function Room Noise

Apr 13, 2016

1 wind, air conditioning in rooms, room away from the audience Chamber

In an air-conditioned room, air inside the room acoustic noise reduction, as well as for machine vibration and sound-absorbing or making enclosures directly and try to ensure the room away from the Auditorium.

2, pipeline processing

Ventilation ducts and fire pipes cannot be installed Office and control the import and export of wind speed, up and down pipes to avoid laying in the Auditorium. Taking Jing Cheng foil insulation cotton wrap, insulated noise reduction processing.

3, upper vibration noise

If upstairs will make a strong impact vibration noise, this requires floating floor insulation pad for ground handling, when necessary seismic hangers are needed for acoustic ceiling downstairs. If the impact is still very strongly of the need to consider the walls spread.