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Hexagonal Acoustic Wall Panel

Oct 23, 2018

Hexagonal acoustic wall panel


          Fabric acoustic wall panel hexagon shape surface is covered by acoustic fabric, it is the improvement of the interior acoustics and decorative acoustical solution by providing the noise damping reflected on the wall surfaces. Acoustic Hexagonal panels are useful on decorative projects with colorful options.

  Each size diamensio: 600mm

  Diagonal long: 1200mm

  Core material:fiberglass panel

  Surface finish:colorful acoustic fabric


  Thickness :25mm,50mm

  Finish :fire retardant fabric

  Edges: resin solifidication

  Packing :20 pcs in a carton

fabric acoustic panelhexagonal acoustic panel

Application: sports halls, stadiums, school , church, music room,home theater,office room,etc