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How To Install The MDF Grooved Acoustic Panel

Oct 24, 2018

MDF grooved acoustic panel is environmentally friendly decorative sound absorbing materials, which can be used in business offices, multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, studios, concert halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, piano rooms, schools, and other places. Today, let's learn about the installation method of this acoustic panel

Pre-installation registration request

The warehouse where the Vinco grooved acoustic panels are stored is required to be sealed and moisture-proof. Before installing the Vinco MDF grooved acoustic panels, the packing boxes must be opened for at least forty-eight hours in order to achieve the same environmental characteristics as the installation site.


Acoustic panel  installation method

1. First, install the wooden keel to the wall.

2. The façade of the wall keel is 40mm wide and 3000mm long with a separation distance of 60cm.

3. Fill the wooden keel with polyester insulation cotton

4. Use the gun nails to nail the panels to the wooden keel one by one