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Insulation Material Industry Definitions

Apr 13, 2016

China report Hall sound insulation material industry market research analysis report shows that insulation refers to the ability to block sound transmission or reduce sound transmission class of materials, components or structures, characterized by high quality heavy density, such as steel, lead, concrete wall, brick wall, etc.

Noise refers to some items to include sound or noise isolation, cut off, isolated, hence the need for insulation materials. Material side of the incident acoustic energy associated with the transmission of sound energy on the other side the decibel count is the amount of soundproofing material, usually with the symbol r (dB) said.

Soundproofing material or components, use different test method is different and that different sound effects. For insulation and to weaken the transmission of sound energy, block the propagation of sound, is not as porous as the sound-absorbing material, loose, breathable, instead of it materials are heavy and dense, such as plate, lead sheets, materials such as brick walls. Insulation material is compacted at the request of no pores or cracks; have a greater weight. Because this kind of insulation material density, to strong absorption and reflection through the sound, its acoustic properties. Insulation materials enables the transmission of sound energy decay to the incident acoustic energy 10-3~10-4 times or less, for ease of expression, its method of measuring noise in decibels.