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Method Of Identifying The Sound Insulation Felt

Apr 13, 2016

Soundproofing mat as damping deadening, across this volume not only in density above, but also in terms of flexibility and toughness. Because sound carpet and gypsum board, pressure plate and other plate of cement used, noise damping of the carpet itself can reduce the sheet from vibrations caused by sound waves, so as to achieve sound damping effect.

First of all, after soundproofing mats get their hands on, consumers can get a hand, obviously feel very soft, that is, quality soundproofing mats.

Second, consumers can put noise felt fold Hou forced pressure, release Hou flat as new, no any crack and deformation, description noise felt quality is good of; and now many people fell into errors, material more hard more good, this is not of, such of noise felt is again raw directly squeeze plastic of, containing lead volume very high, noise effect poor, back and forth fold 180 degrees, occurred fracture, description is inferior noise felt.