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Office Soundproofing Materials Are There?

Apr 13, 2016

Many of office near species market, or is stream of highway, voices of Mall, so we will encountered various Horn of roar, people coming and going of noisy miscellaneous sound, this when we on will application to barriers or is noise glass, while to on Windows do noise processing, some decoration company will in original of Windows Shang in added a layer noise Board, this Windows must added loaded noise glass, if in on Windows processing after also is cannot effective of solution problem, so on must to on are on outside of that blocking wall added loaded noise felt Because the wall is capable of transmitting voice, companies can install soundproofing mat can relieve after the noise outside.

In the Office, will produce a variety of electrical appliances business, air conditioner, computer chassis, water dispenser, electric current, long periods spent in such an environment, it will produce a variety of physical problems, tinnitus dizzy. The symptoms of this condition are generally mild, provided they do not continue to hear this sound would be better, then the response is in the Office with some sound-absorbing cotton, absorb this kind of buzz, this situation is solved.