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Sound Absorption Is Not Equal To Sound Insulation

Oct 27, 2018

Sound absorption and sound insulation are two completely different concepts, and many people confused about them. In fact, the two are different principles. First of all, about the material composition, the sound-insulating material is dense; the sound-absorbing material is small density and fluffy. The main performance of sound insulation materials is sound insulation, and the sound absorption rate is low; the main performance of sound absorbing materials is sound absorption, and the sound insulation rate is small.

Sound insulation is one of the important means of controlling noise. It limits the noise to a part of the space, does not allow outside noise to invade, and also blocks strong noise in a specific range, so as not to affect others or be influenced by others.

The structural characteristics of the sound absorbing materials and sound insulating materials also determine the effect. The sound absorbing material is characterized by a large number of internal and external communicating pores and bubbles, which can cause air vibration in the gap when the sound waves are incident thereon. 

Due to the viscous ability of the air, the friction between the air and the wall of the hole causes a considerable portion of the acoustic energy to be converted into heat energy to be consumed. In addition, when the air is adiabatically compressed, heat exchange occurs between the air and the wall of the hole, and a part of the sound energy is converted into heat energy to be absorbed due to heat conduction. If the micropores of the sound absorbing material are closed by dust, dirt or paint, the sound absorbing properties of the material are adversely affected.