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Soundproofing Mat Features And Advantages

Apr 13, 2016

By using low environmental impact, 4. overall cost is low. Moisture-proof, does not affect the interior decoration, can be applied in almost all areas.

Soundproofing mat features:

Repeated folding is not easy to break, acoustic felt good flexibility. Fireproof, green and tasteless, moisture-proof, nontoxic, low thermal conductivity, simple convenient and safe, soundproofing mats can be cut arbitrarily, without any props, may compound the specialized glue pastes in steel or gypsum board surface.

Weight 1. good sound insulation: high density. Good sound insulation, if complex proliferation of other soundproofing materials, better sound insulation.

Corrosion-resistant, 2. durable: soundproofing mats have anti aging. Moisture and etc, and general life of 50 years or so.

Large amount of noise, 3. cheap price: acoustic felt overall interest rates relatively low. Won the likes of consumers.