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The Importance Of Soundproofing Material

Apr 13, 2016

Mention soundproofing material for a lot of people are not strangers, but truly differentiated use of the insulation materials, really not much noise hazards is different, your selection of insulation materials also vary.

Noise not only cause great interference to people's normal life and work, people talk, think, affects people's sleep, gives rise to irritability, unresponsiveness, decreased productivity, distraction, causing accidents, more serious situation is that noise can cause a person's hearing and health damage.

Statistics show that 80dB (a) below the noise does not cause noise deafness 80dB (a) ~85dB (a) slight hearing impairment caused by noise; 85dB (a) ~100dB (a) noise can cause a certain amount of noise-induced deafness and 100dB (a) above, will result in considerable amounts of noise-induced deafness.