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What Is The Vinco Portable Quilted Sound Barrier

Oct 23, 2018

Portable quilted sound barrier are used to sound absorption and noise reduce by build a sound barrier. It is 4 alayer structure,the first layer is waterproof pvc cavance, the core materials are the sound block mlv barrier and polyester insulation cotton, the back surface is fiberglass fabric. The sound barrier is portable and can be secondary used.we offered mallet rings and velcro with it, very easy to hang and disassembly.


Product Details:

Structure:Base Material, Surface & Back Surface

Basic Material:Polyester Wool+mlv barrier

Front Finish :PVC canvas

Back Finish: Fiberglass fabric

Standard Size:1000*2400mm,1000*2000mm,1200*2400mm, or can be customized

Standard Thickness:18mm


Acoustic Performance :Average 27db


Detail pictures