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Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center Soundproofing Project

Oct 26, 2018


Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center is located at the north side of the Bay Bridge in Potou District, Zhanjiang City. It is the main venue of the 14th Provincial Games of Guangdong Province, with a land area of 664.51 mu and a total construction area of 184,700 square meters.

The project consists of three main stadiums and surrounding supporting road project. The stadium,  indoor stadium, and natatorium are connected in series. It is shaped like three white shells is freely scattered on the beach, reflecting the bay city unique architectural style and will become a new landmark in Zhanjiang after the project is completed.

The soundproofing material  2mm damping mas loaded vinyl for the three stadiums of the main venue of the Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center are provided by our company.