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Soundproofing Material

  • Sound Blocking Panels

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    Sound Blocking Panels

    Product introduction: Sound blocking panels made with fireproof MGO board and damping material,which are available for a variety of middle materials,metal,Cork and shock damping mat are available. The sound blocking panels has high performance on soundproof(the sound insulation... Read More

  • Soundproof Acoustic Felt

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    Soundproof Acoustic Felt

    Product introduction: Soundproof acoustic felt with high performance on sound insulate,it made with PVC,widely used for Industry,Buildings,Entertainment place,and so on. Soundproof acoustic felt Parameters: Soundproof acoustic felt Advantages: 1.High performance with low price. 2.Easy to... Read More

  • Acoustic Vinyl Barrier

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    Acoustic Vinyl Barrier

    Product Introduction: Acoustic vinyl barrier is a hot soundproof product,which do well in soundproof,sound insulation and fireproof. When there are noise transmit from wall,ceiling,floor or other place,you can use the Acoustic vinyl barrier to control the noise transmission. The Acoustic vinyl... Read More

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl Floor

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    Mass Loaded Vinyl Floor

    Product Introduction: Mass loaded vinyl floor is usually used for soundproofing walls, doors, ceilings, floors,ducts and pipes.It made with 100% recycle PVC,when there are noise transmit from wall,ceiling,floor or other place,you can use the Mass Loaded Vinyl floor to control the noise... Read More

  • Soundproof Vinyl Barrier

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    Soundproof Vinyl Barrier

    Product Introduction: Soundproof vinyl barrier made with Recycled PVC,it has high performance on sound insulation,soundproof and fireproof.The fireproof can be Grade B1. The Soundproof vinyl barrier is usually used for soundproofing walls, doors, ceilings, ducts and pipes. Soundproof vinyl... Read More

  • Flexible Noise Barrier

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    Flexible Noise Barrier

    flexible noise barrier is the most hot use soundproof material for building or industry . it make from the pvc and metel powder,high density effective to prevent the sound trasmit.for building soundproofing,it use match with the gynsum board,keep the room quiet. Applications Worship Houses, Home... Read More

  • Sound Proof Recycled Cotton

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    Sound Proof Recycled Cotton

    sound proof recycled cotton make from high density green material polyester,is the very good soundproof wall sound insulation cotton has features of high eco-friendly,light weight,fire retardant ,good sound absorbing performace. widley use for interior wall,ceiling,and floor sound insulation.... Read More

  • Sound Proof Studio Foam

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    Sound Proof Studio Foam

    Product introduction: The Sound proof studio foam ia made of high quality polyurethane foam, it will improve the acoustics within any space that suffers from poor low frequency control. Sound proof studio foam Parameters: Sound proof studio foam Advantages: 1.Easy to install:Use the glue to fix... Read More

  • Soundproof Foam For Music Studio

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    Soundproof Foam For Music Studio

    Product introduction: Soundproof foam for music studio is a high performance, sound absorbing foam panel designed to reduce echo within an environment. Soundproof foam for music studio enhances the sound quality and aesthetics of any recording or listening environment. Soundproof foam for music... Read More

  • Acoustic Ceiling Tile

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    Acoustic Ceiling Tile

    acoustic ceiling tile is a kinds of painting ceiling tile ,used mineral wool panel to manufacture ,the best advantage that absorbing the noise ,easy to install ,recycled soundproof materials . The specofication of acoustic ceiling tile :600*600*15mm /600*1200*15mm The raw materials of acoustic... Read More

  • Soundproof Rigid Foam Panels

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    Soundproof Rigid Foam Panels

    Product introduction: Soundproof rigid foam panels is made from flame resistant, polyurethane foam. Choose this studio foam product for applications or buildings that require a Class B2 rating for exposed materials. Soundproof rigid foam panels has a rigid pattern which not only improves the... Read More

  • Sound Absorbing Fiberglass Ceiling Board

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    Sound Absorbing Fiberglass Ceiling Board

    Product introduction: Sound absorbing fiberglass ceiling board has high performance on sound absorbing effect, heat preservation, high fire retardant, high strength level ,beautiful decorative effect,noise reduce, etc. Sound absorbing fiberglass ceiling board Parameters: Acoustic Data: * NRC =... Read More

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