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Soundproofing Material

  • Glass Wool Ceiling Panels

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    Glass Wool Ceiling Panels

    Product Introduction: The Glass wool ceiling panels made with sound absorbing fiberglass as basis material,surface with painting.With fine texture painted glass tissue face , Plain tissue back and sealed and painted edges. The glass wool ceiling panels with high performance on good sound... Read More

  • Polyester Fiber Sound Insulation

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    Polyester Fiber Sound Insulation

    Polyester Fiber Sound Insulation Polyester Fiber Sound Insulation is a kind of filling material used for sound absorbing.It is made from polyester fiber cotton,light weight and environmental. Parameter: Installation Steps: Fix wooden keel; Fill with polyester fiber sound insulation; Cover with... Read More

  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

    Product introcduction: Acoustic ceiling tiles made with fireproof glass wool board with painting.It features good sound absorbing effect, heat preservation, high fire retardant, high strength level ,beautiful decorative effect, etc. it can improve acoustical environment of building and raise... Read More

  • Polyester Fiber Filling

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    Polyester Fiber Filling

    Polyester Fiber Filling Polyester Fiber Filling is used for wall and ciling gaps filling to make better soundproofing effect,usually used with other soundproofing materials.Environmental and can touch the skin directly. Parameter: Installation Steps: 1. Fix wooden keel on the wall; 2. Fill with... Read More

  • Sound Mlv Damping Material

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    Sound Mlv Damping Material

    sound mlv damping material normal specification :1m*10m*1.2mm,1m*1.m*2.0mm,1m*5m*3.0mm Production Process :Mixing, rolling, curing, winding, packaging Ingredients: mainly composed of EPDM, light material, ultra-thin, soft, tensile strength, black finishes, coil packaging Read More

  • Ceiling Acoustic Panels

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    Ceiling Acoustic Panels

    ceiling acoustic panels is a sound absorbing ceiling ,compared with other ceiling tile ,our ceiling acoustic panels is a light weight ceiling tile ,used high density miniral wool panel , and then painting color on the surface . the advantages of ceiling acoustic panels is sound abrobing the... Read More

  • Acoustic Mlv Felt

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    Acoustic Mlv Felt

    Acoustic mlv felt is made of vinyl+Iron powder,all the materials are environmentle.it has high performance on soundproof,anti impact noise,fireproof,Easy to install, smooth, and widely applications. Read More

  • Mass Loaded Vinly Sheeting

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    Mass Loaded Vinly Sheeting

    mass loaded vinly sheeting is a soft high density rolls materials ,this materials widely used for MGO panel together ,because mass loaded vinly sheeting is a wonderful sound deadening product ,application for Pipe, mechanical equipment, noise and damping vibration before . as the time pass ,more... Read More

  • Sound Absorbing Cotton For Filler

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    Sound Absorbing Cotton For Filler

    Product introduction: Sound absorbing cotton for filler is constructed of lightweight polyester fibre, the size and density can be customized as your request.With high performance on sound absorbing and echo reduce. Sound absorbing cotton for filler Parameters: Acoustic Data: * NRC = noise... Read More

  • Mass Loaded Vinly Rolls

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    Mass Loaded Vinly Rolls

    mass loaded vinly rolls is a thick sound insulation materials ,but as itself high density ,mass loaded vinly rolls is a heavry damping product,as we know in order to reduce noise or stop noise ,used mass loaded vinly rolls help to stop the noise become .loaded vinly can effect to control the... Read More

  • Noise Damping Sound Vinly Barrier

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    Noise Damping Sound Vinly Barrier

    Noise damping sound vinly barrier is a sound insulation materials ,used PVC as raw materials ,with a great advantage of highly-flexible ,tear-resistant and strong .sound vinly barrier helps reduce noise ,control noise ,applys for commerial industrial ,Building Construction,or Automobile... Read More

  • Foam Panels

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    Foam Panels

    Foam Panels Foam Panels is a kind of sound absorbing panel made from polyurethane,soft and good resilience so that can be good sound absorbing.Usually used for studio wall and ceiling sound absorbing. Parameter: Features: 1. Light weight,easy to install; 2. Different kinds of colors are... Read More

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