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Soundproofing Material

  • Cinema Wall Carpet

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    Cinema Wall Carpet

    cinema wall carpet are specially designed sound-absorbing decorative materials, acoustic adjustment is convenient, can provide users with the best acoustic solution. In addition to acoustic requirements, the cinema wall carpet face selection is rich and colorful, according to the user's... Read More

  • Sound Insulation MVL Sheet

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    Sound Insulation MVL Sheet

    sound insulation MVL sheet can be install on the wall ,ceiling or floor ,made of PVC materials and other ingredient .this is a high density damping materials . product name : sound insualtion MLV sheet Features : soundproof ,sound insulation,waterproof Applications : Reduced noise transmission... Read More

  • Soundproof Barrier Sheet Damping Materials

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    Soundproof Barrier Sheet Damping Materials

    A damping materials that sound barrier sheet can reduce noise after install in the wall ,this is a PVC materials that waterproof ,soundproof .keep the sound quality . product name : soundproof barrier sheet damping materials Material : pvc materials Features : High density limp material to... Read More

  • Noise Barrier Panel

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    Noise Barrier Panel

    noise barrier panel are large density of sound insulation sheet, specifications are 1220 * 2440, a board 50kg, the construction should be saw blade cutting. For example: We in the construction of the bar, it should be installed light steel keel, and then filled in the keel inside the noise... Read More

  • 1 Lb/sf Mass Loaed Vinly

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    1 Lb/sf Mass Loaed Vinly

    noise influence our body healthy ,We need to reduce the sound transmission,mass loaed vinly can help us to improve this question ,mass loaed vinly made from pvc materials that a soundproof damping materials ,widely be used for a wall or ceiling ,floor etc . Material : 1 lb/sf mass loaed vinly... Read More

  • Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber

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    Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber

    The recycled polyester staple fiber is new environmentally friendly sound insulation material, the sound stability and can be directly with the body contact, do not stimulate the skin, this material has been recognized by the United Nations, environmental E1 level. Polyester fiber environmental... Read More

  • Soundproof Ceiling Panels

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    Soundproof Ceiling Panels

    Soundproof Ceiling Panels Soundproof Ceiling Panels is a kind of glassfiber board used for ceiling sound absorbing and decoration. Light weight and easy to install. Parameter: Installation Steps: 1. Fix ceiling shock absorbers under the ceiling; 2. Construct steel keel ; 3. Fill with polyester... Read More

  • Soundproof Fiber Polyester Cotton

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    Soundproof Fiber Polyester Cotton

    soundproof fiber polyester cotton that made of high-quality polyester fiber ,a good sound absorbing materials ,eco-friendly Material:Polyester fiber sound insulation cotton Density:12kg/m³ Size:1000*20000mm (other size can be customized) Thickness:30mm Shape:Roll Color:White or Customized... Read More

  • Sound Absorbing Polyester Fiber Cotton

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    Sound Absorbing Polyester Fiber Cotton

    sound absorbing polyester fiber cotton is made of 100% polyester fiber ,this is a soft soundproof materials ,be install in between the wall and acoustic panel .the density bewteen 12kg/m3 -80kg/m3 .polyester fiber cotton can absorbing the noise It's suitable for the construction sector has... Read More

  • Stagger Design Acoustic Panel

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    Stagger Design Acoustic Panel

    Stagger Design Acoustic Panel is one of acoustic diffuser,it make from solid wood,ut by computer contrl to form a six stages pattern,diffuse the different frequcencyin room,make sound more clear . Model:V-D2 Material: Solid wood Surface:oil varnish Size:600*600mm Thickness:100mm Weight:4kg per... Read More

  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

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    Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

    Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Mineral fiber ceiling tiles is a kind of sound absorbing material used for ceiling,made from glass fiber and spray lacquer on the surface. Parameter: Installation Steps: 1. Fix ceiling shock absorbers under the concrete ceiling; 2. Fix steel keel; 3. Cover with sound... Read More

  • Sound Deadening Ceiling Panel

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    Sound Deadening Ceiling Panel

    sound deadening ceiling panel is a white acosutical wall panel with soft terture glassfiber core and paiting as surface finish.In addition to reduce the echo and reverberation,there panels use to create a unique design and pattern. Material:glassfiber Surface:painting/tiessue Density:96kg/m3... Read More

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