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Sound Insulation Board

Shenzhen Vinco Soundproofing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the best sound insulation board manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale our customized sound insulation board made in UK, and also welcome to check the price with us. sound isolation rubber panel Product introduction It...

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sound insulation board

It is an insulation damping plate with fire prevention, environmental protection, sound insulation, vibration reduction performance good sound insulation board, 100% do not contain harmful substances, no radioactive class A product. Without causing secondary pollution to the environment in order to meet national GB6566-2001 standard energy-saving and land-saving. Besides, wall reconstruction processing is convenient, and can be recycled, sound insulation, heat preservation and heat insulation, which has a unique advantage. 



sound insulation board


Gypsum board and damping rubber compound


2440mm*1220mm*16mm/25mm or customized




A grade


Black or customized




E1 grade


8-30kg/m3 or customized


1  waterproof, dustproof

Its Angle is set to 450 degrees, this kind of product is featured in waterproof, dustproof, even getting wet in the rain in the dust or environment, its sound absorption will not affected, structure has been set in the dirt drainage measures, avoid internal water components.

2  Weather resistance durability: 

The product will not lower the quality of performance or anomalies caused by rain water temperature changes.

3  Convenient: 

sound insulation board and other products installed in parallel, easy maintenance, easy update.. 

Packaging Details:Pack the goods in Polybag or carton

Delivery Time:Shipped in 7-15 days after payment

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